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Team Cap:

Captain America, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye

Team Batman:

Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Red Hood

No prep or prior knowledge for either side. All have standard gear.

Round 1: Takes place in an Open field. Both teams have 15 soldiers for backup. Cap gets SHIELD agents, Bats gets Gotham SWAT. Assume they have comparable weapons. This one test both the skill of each team and the strategy of their Leaders. Which team takes this one?

Round 2. War torn city. Each team can call one street leaguer they know for backup. No unfair powers (healing, magic, telepaths etc), must be closely matched. Who are your reinforcements and who wins

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I'm guessing out of the team battles Team Batman would win. There seems to be more skilled fighters there.

Round 1:


doesn't matter if their weapons are the same SHIELD agents are better trained. So Caps team has this.

Round 2:

Depends on which street leaguer is called by the team.

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Round 2 is badly designed. Too easy to arrange it so that the side you want to win, wins. For example I could Pick Team Cap and call in Wolverine...while giving Team Bat The Riddler. Or I could pick Team Bat and call in Deathstroke and give Team Cap The Falcon. Either way it makes it a stomp for whatever team I choose.

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Round 1-Team Batman.

Round 2-Team Captain America.

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battle 1 cap: cat woman is the weak link plus shield agents destroy swat

battle 2 depends on who gets called in

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Batman wins because he's Batman.

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Go away Troll.

I think Team Cap round 1, the OP should take away that call-in-a-friend thing. But round 2 does depend who is called in!

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Round 1 is made to favor Captain America.

Round 2 is terribly put together.

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The design of round 2 is horrid.

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bats wins both rounds