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1) Team 1 gets a FIVE DAYS of prep and are familiar with Dc characters (as in they know who they from rep. )

2) Morals apply only to Team 1.

3) Fighting takes place in The Savage Lands.

4) BFR allowed on only 2 characters.


Team Brain (Team 1) Reed, Hank, Tony, & Victor.

Team Brawn (team 2) Thor, Superman, Sentry (no Void), HP Doomsday, & WW Hulk.

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Team 2 for the solid majority. You've got morals off Superman, morals off Thor, and H/P Doomsday.

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@rpottage: 5 days prep for Doom and Reed is a huge advantage. If Supermans not sun dipping then its a closer fight.

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Team 2 in a close battle.

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i gotta say team 2 stomps just way to much power coming from that team...

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team 2 takes the majority

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Team 1, Ultimate Nullifier ftw.

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Doom is in Team 1...Nuff said. Doom with that much prep Never Loses except due to arrogance or PIS or a little of Both.

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Team 2. Stark has already designed tech to take Hulk and Thor, and they beat him with morals.

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Five days prep for team one huh? Hmm, I'd say that would be applicable to Thor, Sentry and Superman more-so than it would for Doomsday. That alone might become the deciding factor.

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Superman speed blitz in the first five seconds.

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@rpottage: 5 days prep for Doom and Reed is a huge advantage. If Supermans not sun dipping then its a closer fight.

I don't think it's enough of an advantage compared to the morals off.

Here's the problem: they're going to have a tough time with H/P Doomsday no matter what, fact is really they're going to have to BFR him because Doomsday isn't really something you can prep for. That leaves Thor, Sentry, WW Hulk, and Superman. With no morals those are all huge problems; and a morals off Superman can roast the entire planet from space with heat vision while morals off Thor can God Blast the Brains to bits. Meanwhile they still have WW Hulk rampaging and tearing people to bits and Sentry there as well.
With morals off it's just too much for them I think. Superman doesn't need to sundip because Superman and Thor tend to hold back in their fights; while Doomsday and Hulk who are always considered beasts are here in some of their strongest incarnations. They're going to have to BFR Doomsday and at least one other. If they BFR Superman then Godblast pratically kills them, if they BFR Thor then Superman roasts them. And of course realistically they're going to BFR Hulk instead since depending on where they BFR them Sentry, Thor, and Superman have a chance of coming back.

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Team 1 easily. 5 days prep and knowledge of their opponents is more than enough to beat this team.

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Team 1 . If they really put their heads together, work together (no calculating each other)...

With the right circumstances, Brain always win the Battle....and this is the right circumstance

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Brains are always better than brawn. Brains win. They are smart enough. You don't think the first thing they think about with their prep is "holy crap... They are gonna speedblitz the ever living hell out of us"

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Reed and Tony couldn't even handle the Hulk with months of prep (on multiple occasions IIRC), I don't have much faith in team prep.

Especially not with Thor, Sentry, Superman, and H/P Doomsday in the mix.

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A no morals Superman tears them apart before they know what's happening, the brains' best bet is to throw up some really, really, powerful forcefields to hold the others off.

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