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Team Avengers I

Captain America,Iron Man,Thor,Mr.Fantastic,Yellowjacket,The Vision,Wonder Man,Ms.Marvel,Black Widow,The Wasp,Spider-Man,Invisible Woman,Luke Cage,Storm,Black Panther,Ronin,Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver,Captain Marvel,The Hulk,Nick Fury,Jocasta,The Thing,Human Torch,Valkyrie,U.S Agent,Spider-Woman,Ares,Namor,Firebird


Team Avengers II
Captain America,War Machine,Sentry,Dr.Strange,Ant-Man,Machine Man,The Captain,Ultra Girl,Maria Hill,Tigra,Toxin,Cloud 9,Rage,She-Hulk,Black Panther,Hawkeye,Clea,Speed,Marvel Boy,Red Hulk,The Punisher,Veda,Hercules,Falcon,Thor Girl,Justice,Arachne,Balder,Namora,Firestar,Photon

Team I's Cap is Steve Rogers and Black Panther is T'Challa.
Team 2's Cap is Bucky Barnes,Black Panther is Killmonger,& Hawkeye is Kate Bishop.

Who wins?
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Any takers?

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I'm thinking that team two should take the win. Too much magic for team one to be able to deal with. Though I feel like team one has more sheer power, and I was really caught up on Thor for a little while as a possible deciding factor.

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I'm going to go with team 1.They have the teamwork experience.They have two ridiculously powerful weather manipulators and a reality manipulator.They also have the strongest Hulk and the intellect advantage...also the leadership advantage with Iron Man,Cap,and Reed.

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Number one

love these teams

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Team 1, Cap, Reed and Tony are smart and can lead the team through victory but team two has powerhouses such as the Sentry, Red Hulk, Hercules and She Hulk, also Thor Girl.

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team 1. the biggest threat from team 2 is strange imo

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Both teams have some hard hitters who could do a lot of damage. Im going with team 2 in a good fight

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Team 1 they have Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Storm, Vision, Namor, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Invisible Woman, plus they have the better Captain America.
All team 2 has is Photon, Sentry, and Strange, which would make it very close but still not enough.

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Team 1 for me. Brains (IronMan, Mr. Fantastic, Captain America), Reality Warper (ScarletWitch), Immense Powers (Thor, Storm, Invisible Woman) and a legion of armies that can take in what team 2 can throw at them.

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I'm changing my vote to Team 2