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The battle of the masterminds; Batman Vs Xanatos

Team Batman



Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)


Red Robin

Red Hood

Showings from post COIE and The New 52 can be used

Team Xanatos

Xanatos (standard armor)

Wolf (genetically altered)

Hyena (cybernetic)

Jackal (cybernetic)

Dingo (armored)

Demona (imortality removed, no spellbook)

Comic and cartoon showings are applicable

The Fight

Round 1: Random Encounter, standard Equipment

Round 2 : Full knowledge, standard equipment

Round 3: One week of prep for both any gear either team has used in the past may be used, with the exception of Demona's spellbook and Batman's outsider suit.

For all rounds are fighters are in character battles take place in a deserted Times Square.

This is a team battle, not a series of 1v1 fights

Who wins and why?