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Batman, Wolverine , Hawkman ,Spider-Man ,Cyborg, Black Panther, Mantis ,

Black Canary VS. Smoke , Noob Saibot , Sub-Zero, Goro, Cyrax ,Scorpion,

Liu Kang, Sindel

Morals off, 20 Minutes prep, Location - Outworld, Who wins?

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@xmenhulk: Need more info for team MK.

What versions are we using? Or is everything legal. Comics? Game mechanics? Where is this fight taking place?

You need to add more detail to the match in general.

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Team 1. None of them can touch spidey or kill wolverine.

EDIT: Sub Zero may be able to stop Logan if he can insta-freeze him.

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Team 1 ftw.

Not without difficulty (outworld environment).

Very nice thread mate.

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Team 1 in a stomp, the only characters who would actually be somewhat of a challenge are Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, and possibility Sindel if she is enhanced like she was in MK 9.

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Black Canary solos with morals off.

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Team 1

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Team 1.

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I might say team two in a hard battle.

Smoke - Invisibility, intangibility, teleportation

Noob Saibot - Shadow manipulation, opening portals

Sub Zero - Ice manipulation

Goro - May be a non factor

Cyrax - Teleportation, bombs

Scorpion - Hellfire, teleportation, BFR

Liu Kang - Fire manipulation

Sindel - Crazy b*tch

Add you that their healing factors and bone crushing attacks.

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Honestly I think I could go either way. There are so many different factors to take into account that any one could prove to be the nail in the coffin for either team. I have to say though, with 2 immortals on team MK though (Scorpion and Noob), they do have a bit of a one up.

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Isn't cyborg a 100 ton strength level character with major fire power? He may be able to solo.