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Scenario 1:

-Win by death or knockout

-Morals on

-No prep

-Standard gear

-Post Crisis Batman, Green Arrow & Red Hood

-Standard 616 Captain America, Hawkeye & Punisher

Scenario 2:

-Win by death or knockout

-Bloodlust on

-No prep

-Standard gear

-Post Crisis Batman, Green Arrow & Red Hood

-Standard 616 Captain America, Hawkeye & Punisher

Fight takes place inside a Wal Mart:

Who wins?

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Cap just outclasses Batman as a fighter and his shield is more useful in a straight up fight than everything in Bat's utility belt combined. Also, while Bat's is a superior strategist with prep, Cap is better at commanding teams.

I don't know enough about Green Arrow to say whether or not he is better than Hawkeye, but I know that Hawkeye can pull off some unbelievable shots with his bow. Also...as an agent of SHIELD, I can't help but feel that he'd be more willing to use lethal force against GA. That would at least give him an edge in the morals on match.

Punisher would tear Red Hood a new one. They're a good match, yeah, but Punisher is just more brutal in my opinion, and he carries around more of a complete arsenal with him. Also, I feel that he'd be more willing to work with Cap than RH would be willing to work with Bats at this point. Plus, I can see him making bombs out of stuff in Wal-Mart pretty easily.

In short, I say Cap's team takes this. Both rounds. Good matchup though, I talked a lot about why I think Cap's team would win, but it really is a pretty good, pretty close match.

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Team bat's take this mostly because green arrow is a better martial artist then hawkeye

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@darktiger: Against two long range bowman specialists, do you really think that it'll come down to h2h?

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Team cap both rounds.

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Team Cap, for sure.

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Team Cap 5.5/10

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i say team batman. batman is, in my opinion, better h2h than cap. cap is stringer quicker faster and more agile but batman is smarter and more resourceful. like when he fought artemis and she was about to kill him and he just tranquilized her. and batman has so many toys to pick from when fighting cap. he would immediately realize cap was stronger and change his strategy. bats is just smarter than cap.

green arrow vs hawkeye is a toss up but I think green arrow would win because he's better h2h and he "never" misses

red hood vs punisher I think is also a toss up. castle is the perfect soldier but todd was trained by bruce and bruce's mentors and todd is just as willing to kill as castle. and todd is probably better h2h. I give this one to team batman

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going with team 2 cause of superhuman Cap

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Batman wins, he (in my opinion) will take care of CA. He is at peak physical strength, so he can match with CA . Really, his mental powers will make the fight. GA is a better h2h than hawkeye, so he will slowly get in close and beat him. Red hood and punisher will be on same par, but Team bats will help after they are done with their corresponding opponents.

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Team 1

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Team Cap

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I'd give the advantage to Team Cap, with Cap and Punisher being the majority factors.

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Team Cap for the win.

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I'd say Cap wins 6/10, both rounds. Not easy though.

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Team Bat 9/10 son.

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Team Cap...I'd say Jason is the weak link here.

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Team Cap. America wins the majority..

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Team Bat

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Team Cap wins. The weak link, IMO, is Red Hood. Cap is physically superior to Batman and are both equal in H2H, so they would stalemate or Cap would be edging out Batman but it would be a long tough fight. While Hawkeye and Green Arrow, I'm not sure I don't know to much about GA to make a definitive statement on this, and I think Punisher would beat Red Hood, then be able to help which ever team mate needs help.

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Teem Cap wins IMO. I think that Cap could barely beat Bats, don't know about Hawkeye and GA, and I think Castle would shoot Todds face off first.

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Teem Cap wins IMO. I think that Cap could barely beat Bats, don't know about Hawkeye and GA, and I think Castle would shoot Todds face off first.


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Jason is the weak link?


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Round 1:

Toss up, but I would Cap's team picking up the W more often than not. Cap would lose to Bats in a drawn out fight, but could beat any other member on team 1. The problem with that argument is since both guys are going melee, I see them being more in the open and with the amount of cover, one of the other guys could potentially shoot Cap or Bats if they get in the open, depending on the member respectively which would give the other that opening needed. The problem with that argument, though, is Cap and Bats could get far enough away from the action to where Bats could beat Cap and the shooters handle themselves. Jason is the weak link in the sense that he is the inferior marksman here and that is what a lot of this fight will come down to. Hawkeye and Punisher are better marksmen when you group both Ollie and Jason together. I don't see the fight really coming up close and personal between anyone else other than Cap and Bats and that's if they go after each other, which both being the more melee type people, I see happening. Jason just doesn't stack up against the Punisher or Clint in terms of marksmanship. But if for some reason they all exhaust their ammo, then team Bats wins being the superior team in h2h. H2H wise, Jason is better than either Clint or Punisher and Ollie is no slouch himself.

Round 2: That depends on who survives the barrage of explosive arrows coming.

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Team Batman, but only if the contents of his belt are being taken into consideration. Bruce can essentially make this a totally H2H battle for everyone besides himself and cap....(magnetic batarang would disarm almost everyone besides him and Steve since the shield isn't magnetic)

Ollie has better h2h combat feats than Clint, despite his time as the Ronin...Jason may not be physically on par with Frank but he is more skilled none the less....I don't believe Steve is as skilled as Bruce, but his physical advantages, shield and extremely high level of skill give him an edge....Bruce's edge is his utility belt, Rodgers has no answer for more than a few gadgets at Wayne's disposal such as several liquid nitrogen pellets (I know Iceman shot some ice at Steve once, but that was at his feet and he wasn't completely frozen like how he would've been if it was a full blast). He has an electrical Batarang that generates 10,000 volts of electricity....

He also has cuffs (co created by Mr Miracle) that are inescapable ... even for someone as strong as Cheetah....

Should he get Steve with any of these, it's endgame....

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Team Caps

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Both Rounds should go to Team Batman.Batman can outclass Steve in both rounds and after a long battle,win.While the biggest problem will have Jason because Punisher plays dirty sometimes but Jason can play that game also.Ollie will eventually win after a good and interesting battle between him and Clint.

So Team Bats 8/10

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Team CA

batty is nothing against the super soldier

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I seriously disagree with anyone who claims Batman is superior to Cap in H2H. They're close, and while I personally would place Cap as more skilled, they are both amongst the best of their respective worlds and It's probably fair to assume they are decently equal. However...Cap is immensely superior physically. He has faster reaction speed, hand-speed, strength, and durability. And while Batman CAN have tools that can make a difference in this fight, his standard gear is nowhere near that advanced...which is sort of stupid on his part but whatever. In general though, his tools are more detective and mobility aids with a few things meant to incapacitate or disarm opponents...usually. Cap's shield is a weapon of war, and can easily kill a man if that's what he wanted to do, or at least knock them out, plus it provides him with a darn near perfect defense. Using standard gear, fighting seriously, and no prep, Cap should beat Batman every time.

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I think it'll be close, but Team 2 takes it solely because of Cap's shield and Frank's versatility. To me, Batman is the most knowledgeable H2H fighter out of this bunch, but Cap easily evens the odds with his physical superiority. However, throw in the shield and I can't see how Team 1 breaks Cap's defense. Ollie and Hawkeye seem a bit too even due to their similarities (keep in mind that I have limited knowledge of their comic book versions). Punisher has been consistently shown to bring a small armory to all his serious fights. Red Hood is no slouch, but he really is the weakest link here. I see him getting taken out first, leaving Bats and GA to fend for themselves in a drawn out, but futile, battle.

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team batman

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Cap kills Batman (Cap has the willingnes 2 kill. He has stated numerous times that he wants 2 kill Red Skull). It would be a stalemat for a while but since Cap is superhuman he cannot get tired a Bats can. Ollie would beat Hawkeye. But Punisher would utterly destroy and murder Red Hood

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@theirishdoctor: @captainamerica119: i completely agree with these two round one is a closs one but marvel team wins and round two marvel team stops. A bloodlusted punisher is single handedly the scariest thing EVER.

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Redhood take out punisher, green arrow hawkeye fight, batman & redhood take out captain. Oliver joins in if he's finished

round 1

round 2

probably caps team. bloodlusted

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Team Batman. The counterparts outclass team Cap. Red hood has weapons comparable to punisher but has Bat training so he wins. Green Arrow is much better all around than Hawkeye and Batman and Cap are pretty even outside of the gear. With that being said Cap team loses because Cap fights Batman while the rest of his team loses and then he gets jumped.

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Team bat's take this mostly because green arrow is a better martial artist then hawkeye

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Team cap FTW, batman just outclassed.

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Batman doesn't need help! He could solo this easily. The others would just get in his way and hold him back smh