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Weapon X has forced hulk to join and Wolverine to rejoin the group and their mission is to infiltrate Asgard. However Heimdall has heard their approach and warned Thor. Odin is currently in his odinsleep and cannot interfere.

Team Asgard 
Thor (any reasonable version not odinforce or rune king)

Team Weapon X
Sabretooth (with adumantium)
Deadpool (with best equipment)
Omega Red  
Team X is prepped and has info on Asgard and it's best warriors but Asgard knows nothing except that enemies are approaching. Team Weapon X are teleported to Asgard.  So what do you think?

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weapon x 

3 of the characters can't die, plus theirs hulk who also can't die 

hulk kills thor weapon x de limbs everyone else.

if asgard team had sorcerers like enchantress or loki then it would be different but no, so weapon x would win here
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asgard.. Thor space dumps them? lol ":P

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Thor summons lightnings on all of them. Asgard wins.

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AAAAAAAAS (wait for it) GARD !!!

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Asgard, thanks to Thor. Or Weapon-X, thanks to HULK. These two are the only real factors.

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I would like to say weapon x

But Thor could take there biggest hitter (hulk) on his own,

After that, it's all downhill for weapon X

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Take out Thor and Hulk and we've got ourselves a decent thread.

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This is really just another Thor vs Hulk match up lmao.

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If Thor is serious, which he usually is defending Asgard, he solos. Lightning straight kills everyone but hulk, angry Thor stomps hulk

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Team X has prep so I am assuming Bruce Banner can prep before he goes 'rrghrgrahhhrhh HULK SMASH'. Hulk takes care of thor and than Logan and co keep the rest of team Asgard busy until Hulk shows up for backup.

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Thor can BFR Hulk. Brunnhilde is a 45 tonner, she could probably take any member of Team X one-on-one. Balder is a 50 tonner, has magic and energy projectiles so he's no pushover either. If we take Hulk and Thor out of the equation, I guess the deciding factor would be what kind of prep Team X has.

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Asgard would take them pretty easily. Crap, even Volstagg is a 35 tonner who will not tire with a healing factor and millenia of experience.

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Hulk was not part of weapon x, your argument is invalid