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Team 1

1. Selene from Underworld (Leader)

2. Miho from Sin City

3. Evelyn Salt

4. Black Widow

5. Elektra

6. Sarah Conner

7. Elizabeth Swan

8. Ultra-Violet

Team 2:

1. Trinity from The Matrix (Leader)

2. Beatrix Kiddo

3. Alice from Resident Evil movies (No TK)

4. River Tam

5. Abigail Whistler from Blade Trinity

6. Evelyn O'Connell from The Mummy Returns

7. Hit Girl

8. Scarlet from GI Joe

Location: Random Abandoned Warehouse

Rules: Morals Off, Standard Gear for everyone, Everyone has knowledge of everyone else, Teams get 1hr prep before entering warehouse, Movie Feats Only

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Team 2.

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Team 2 for me as well.

River Tam, Alice, and Trinity take my vote. The rest is just overkill :P

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Seriously, too many characters in this fight. Who's seen all these movies??

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I have and i say team 2. Huge spite for team two if you ask me. Bride, ALice, River, trinity and hit girl spells death for team one.

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i think team two takes this. for the above reasons.