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Team 1 -- my roster of Justice Society of America.

Team 2 -- my roster of The Legion of Doom.


- In character. This includes disputes and partnerships mentioned in the lists, and wild cards that could make or break the face-off (such as Doomsday or the Joker).

- The JSA hears of an impending threat ahead of time and immediately starts prepping. They get one week of prep.

- While they had previously been aimed towards the Justice League, the Legion hears that this new JSA is getting ready for an assault. They rush-prep but only get a single day before the confrontation.

- Pre-Flashpoint versions of everyone.


For more of my battles, click here!

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Bump. ._.

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zoom solos

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@jbourne_32: Zoom has been tagged by Wonder Woman. A team with Black Adam, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Power Girl, Stargirl, and Etrigan should be able to bring him down.

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Im pretty sure wonder woman was PIS considering he was a blur to Wally

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LoD. Hard battle but we have some crazy people here- Doomsday, Zoom, Bizarro, Ect. JSA has pretty strong as well but I think LoD can overpower. LoD 8/10

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@oreoassassin: The way I see this going....

Alan Scott vs. Sinestro

Black Adam vs. Doomsday (unless/until Doomsday goes berserk)

Jay Garrick vs. Zoom

Power Girl vs. Bizarro

Blue Devil vs. Cheetah

Ravager vs. Deathstroke

Wildcat vs. Vandal Savage

Etrigan vs. Circe

Stargirl vs. Killer Frost

Atlee vs. Black Manta

Dr. Mid-Nite vs. Dr. Sivana

Which leaves Lex and Joker as wild cards that could very well complicate things in a big way. Though this LoD also has chances to fall apart from the inside, as JSA should have much better teamwork/relationships.

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JSA all the way!!! with Black Adam, Alan Scott, Power Girl, Etrigan in 1 team I honestly doubt even justice league would stand a chance....

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Zoom could actually solo. There was a thread a while back about the Flash's soloing marvel or dc earth and someone posted scans of Zoom beating a blood lusted wally,being a blur to wally,Superman completely frozen,stepping on every single part of the earth (and traveling around the earth multiple times cant remember how many) all in an under a a second fight.

He might solo.

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@pr0metheus: Okay, what if Zoom wasn't there? Say he got bored and decided to go get a snack.

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Yikes... I... I am sort of leaning toward LoD, but... this is pretty close in my opinion. Very nice rosters for both teams.

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@joygirl: Without zoom, I'm leaning towards the JSA. They have better odds in the heavier hitting battles in my opinion. But yeah, Zoom is too much. He was capable of being so fast Jay and Wally couldn't even see him :/

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@joygirl: Father-daughter bonding time for the Wilsons, huh?

It's close because BA, Powergirl, and Alan Scott will balance out Doomsday and Zoom.

I think LoD 6/10. But are we going by pictures? Because if so, Parallax Sinestro took out the Guardians solo, so he can take out more than half of the JSA. But if not, I still think LoD should win in a close fight.

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@retconcrisis: Nah I have no power over the images on lists. This is normal Sinestro, not Parallax; everyone is Pre-52.

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@joygirl: Okay. Still think LoD wins though.

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I'd also like to point out that with a week's prep Power Girl can sundip alllll that time.

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@joygirl: At first I was like "LoD no worries", then I actually thought about it. I might come back. Nice battle.