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  • Standard Elimination
  • Hand 2 Hand combat only (meaning no jutsu)
  • Sharingan Not Allowed
  • Standard Outfitting
  • Takes place in NYC, 100 feet away

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With sharingan Kakashi stomps

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@ImTheDamnBatman said:

With sharingan Kakashi stomps

Meant to say not allowed, sorry.

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We have no combat feats of Kakashi without Sharingan. It's assumed in all his fights he's got the predictive mode going. Impossible to judge.

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Taskmaster wins.

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The ninja.

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Taskmaster ftw

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@Dredeuced said:

We have no combat feats of Kakashi without Sharingan. It's assumed in all his fights he's got the predictive mode going. Impossible to judge.

This. IN Naruto they use their jutsus in every fight and Kakashi uses his sharingan the only ones with credible h2h feats are guys like Rock Leee and Guy.

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If its just pure h2h skill then Taskmaster's got this.

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Without Jutsus, Kakashi is pretty meh.

Tasky takes this. (See my awesome alliteration abilities?)

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One factor you guys are all ruling out is Kakashi and all Naruto characters are naturally strong even without jitsu or chakra. Kakashi is probably faster and much stronger, capable of wielding a 200 lb sword and swing it at incredible speeds. He was also able to parry and stop that same blad with a knife.

CouldTaskmaster do the same physically? I don't think so because he's human. So reevaluate your assessment and take into consideration that Kakashi is somewhere in the 5+ ton range and is probably much faster thank taskmaster, being capable of doing 20 hand seals in a second or less.

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Taskmaster clearly wins, he has alot of fighting styles.

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kakashi is still superior in speed and strength.

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Kakashi has been shown using the gates release technique just like Rock Lee and Guy can. I wouldn't rule him out here, I say he wins

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Taskmaster ( he has more skill )

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Kakashi wins. (he has even more skills)

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My vote goes to Kakashi. The sharingan doesn't make him a better fighter, any skill displayed was naturally his. Of course without it he wouldn't be able to predict Taskmaster's movements so easily, but his superior strength and speed should make up for that.

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Kakashi wins due to supereior strength, speed, and durability. Taskmaster is normal human...one punch would end him. Taskmaster loses regardless of how many fighting styles he know

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Taskmaster cannot keep up with Kakashi due to Kakashi's immensely superior speed and strength.

Kakashi takes it.