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These three assassins take on Batman, Nightwing, Damien Wayne, BAtgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Red Robin, Red Hood and Oracle.

They get standard gear and standard weapons. Yes, Deadpool gets the teleporting belt. Sabretooth has his adamantium skeleton. Taksmaster gets standard gear.

This is a random encounter. They clash on the rooftops of Gotham. They have little information about each other.

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Even with the teleportation belt Deadpools still going to goof around and lose, Taskmaster isn't that tough and I'd say Sabretooth has the best chance of winning for his team.

Bat family for the win.

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Actually Deadpool and Sabretooth could pull it off together. Sabretooth and Deadpools healing factors along with Deadpools immortality should be enough to get them to barely beat the Bat family... Taskmaster I'm not too sure on his capabilities

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@bladenb: He copies people. He has copied the fighting skills of multiple martial artists. Just to name a few, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Fist, Spider Man, ETC. He has many weapons capable of harming medium level superhumans. In his first appearance, he defeated Iron Man and Captain America and fought the Avengers. Marvel makes him job sometimes, but other times, they've let him beat Spiderman, Captain America, Deadpool, so you get it right?

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I think Taskytoothpool can take this. Maybe 5.5,6/10

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Team 1 ftw

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Despite how much of a jobber Victor has become, there really isn't anything the Bat family can do to put down him or Deadpool for the count.

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If Team 1 aren't jobbing,they could win

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