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Art by Tony Sklepic, Tattoo Artist
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Battle takes place in an Africa Jungle.

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Kraven would win... I hate Tarzan

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Kraven would win because of his planning and strategy. But fcking hell, i love that version of Tarzan. He's got some sick skills. You can't deny that king. No one can. 

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Tarzan simply lacks the brutality or the strength to win, Kraven bags a kill fairly quickly, Too put it in terms, Tarzan is as strong, fast, and agile as a man with a large amount of exercise every day and with a good diet.  Kraven Is Super strong and can lift several tons, he can move at super human speeds, and has reflexes beyond any normal human's.  Plus Kraven is a good deal smarter than Tarzan.  Tarzan just has savage fighting skills that apes use, Kraven is a well honed Killing machine. 

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Kraven.  Tarzan's ONLY hope of success is to use the animals.  And those will likely only give him time to get away and nothing more.  Kraven will quickly rout them.  Kraven has defeated Ka-Zar before which is almost the same fight (minus the animal control, but Ka-Zar has a sabre-tooth tiger which is a sufficient replacement).

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Disney's Tarzan. Kraven murders him in his sleep lol

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Vance Astro said:
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lol kraven is a match for spiderman.tarzan is a match for...uhm a tiger but he uses weapons

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i think is obvious who wins here
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I'm not sure how different Disney's Tarzan is from the original, but according to wiki, the original Tarzan has abilities above and beyond those of ordinary humans. He regularly wrestles bull apes and gorillas, "rhinos, crocodiles, pythons, sharks, tigers, man-size seahorses (once) and even dinosaurs (when he visited Pellucidar)." And he's not retarded, considering he has a propensity to learning new languages (English, French, Swahili, Ancient Greek, Ancient Latin, Mayan, etc). 
So I wouldn't say curbstomp. Kraven would probably still win, due to his extensive H2H knowledge. I'm not an expert in Tarzan lore though.

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I don't know why but Clayton reminded me Kraven. But this time Clayton.... I mean Kreven will win!:-)
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If it's the Disney's Tarzan then Kraven but if it's Burroughs Tarzan then the fight could go either way.

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In the jungle, then Tarzan wins here. He's fast and better hyperkeen sense and m,ore agile than Kraven
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In my heart I'm pulling for Tarzan but Kraven wins this

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Kraven stomps this. 

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@spidey 15 said:
" Kraven stomps this. =] "
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I want Tarzan to win, but Kraven takes this fight.