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Round 1:The first person to gain The trust of of the others assiciate and organization win. This mean Taliah has to work away to gain fury's Trust and earn a high ranking position in Shield. While Black widow must gain either Ra's or Batman trust and a high ranking position in batman inc or the league of assassins.

Round 2: Both Must use the skills and connections to take down an organization. Talia gets Hydra as a target and black widow gets hive,

Round 3: one on one fight.

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1. BW wins the first one..... fury would have absolutely no reason to trust Talia being to daughter of an assassin and all that stuff. she has also done nothing for anyone else to think otherwise. BW on the other hand has been a superhero for a while... Ra's wont trust her at first but he also wont take her as seriously as he should. Thinking she wants to get back in that life of murder and lies. she will eventually show herself to be strong and physically challenging. BW will exceed first..

2. Talia wins this.. she is more of a leader than BW

2. BW might win the fight considering she is in quarrels more often. However, she would have to take Talia seriousl since she is an assassin

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@Hyperlight: nice I like how you broke that down using logical thinking to back your response.

also could Talia use the times she help batman with his missions, encourage him to continue to be batman, and the fact she sold lex corp to wayne as apart of her resume.

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@justice teen: i wouldnt think so since she did all that to further her own agenda instead to generally help people. but i could be wrong

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Round 1: Talia al Ghul

Round 2: Black Widow

Round 3: Black Widow

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Round 1: Talia because NO ONE is earning Batman's trust except Alfred and I'd say she's a lot more likely to attempt this with a hero than a known villain and master assassin.

Round 2: Talia has more experience for this.
Round 3: A tough call but for the sake of consistency I'll give it to Talia 6/10, although it wouldn't take much to convince me otherwise on this one.

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Black widow all rounds

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Round 1 Black Widow

Talia all other rounds