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If the following were surprised, or otherwise vulnerable, and the T-1000 extended his metal blade into their eyes (the way he killed the police officer), what effect would it have (instant death, death after a few painful moments, KO, injury but no KO, no damage, etc.)? 
A) Captain America 
B) Zangief 
C) Data 
D) Blade  
E) Spider-Man 
F) Wolverine 
G) T-X 
H) Jason X 
I) Master Chief 
J) Chewbacca
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So, stabbing someone five-seven inches into their eye socket?


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C, G, and I tank it. D, F, and H get better (?) Everyone else gets pwnd.

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Data is not going to die from that! I'm not sure about Jason X dying, either. Zangief is a character from the "Street Fighter" genre.
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Also I would argue that blade wouldn't die.

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Data's gonna have some damage to his posotronic eyes, but he lives

T-X is gonna get damaged, but also live

Jason X is gonna be just fine.

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The metallic poisoning will kill some of these people regardless.

A) Captain America = Dies slowly

B) Zangief = Dies gradually from the metallic posion

C) Data = Not sure if T-1000's solid alloy can damage Data's Duranium coated brain. Duranium is as strong as Adamantium. Nevertheless, Data will not die nor be affected by this.

D) Blade = Will get injured... Not sure if metallic poison will affect Blade.

E) Spider-Man = Seriously injured... Spiderman does have some degree of rapid healing.

F) Wolverine = Ouch! he would say... He'll feel it, but he won't die. Don't think metallic poisoning affects him.

G) T-X = Nothing

H) Jason X = He'll get stunned for awhile and fall over and pretend he died, when in fact, he is playing possum like he always does.

I) Master Chief = Get's the feeling that Master Chief is a cyborg.

J) Chewbacca = Hurt really bad and might die slowly due to metallic poisoning.

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A) Captain America- He dies slowly

B) Zangief- He dies instant

C) Data- No harm, he too fast for For T-1000

D) Blade- Instant Death

E) Spider-Man- Death after a few painful moments

F) Wolverine- KO

G) T-X_ Injury, but no KO

H) Jason X- He dies slowly

I) Master Chief- He dies instant

J) Chewbacca- He dies instant.

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I just gotta laugh at how some think Jason X is gonna die..he won't.

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1. Captain America doesn't die instantly, his adrenaline would kick in and it would keep him alive for a bit.

2. Zangief survives after for like 10 seconds.

3. Data would have minor damage, he is not a man, he is an android. Hes been shot multiple times to the chest, and has jumped from 100 ft, its kinda obvious that he lives.

4. As much as I like Blade, I think he would die.

5. I actually think Spidey could survive this.

6. Wolverine easily survives, it wouldn't even penetrate him.

7. Sadly, I havent even seen T3 yet, so i cant say.

8. Jasons survived much worse, he lives.

9. Similar to captain america, though i think chief could stay alive longer.

10. Chewbacca goes into a wookie rage and attacks everything in site then dies.

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I wonder what effect this would have on Hellboy, Megatron, King Kong, and Iron Man.

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T-1000 Rapes everybody...

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We know if the T-1000 can make his finger grow, he will beat anybody in a cock off, that's for sure.

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Blade survives, he possess a healing factor..