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T-1000 battles The Dark Overlord (the antagonist in the movie, Howard the Duck).

Takes place in a Chicago Walmart.

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@AgentSmith1234: What? The Dark Overlord was pretty powerful.

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@AgentSmith1234: So, you're saying the T-1000 would get wasted? Well, that would be interesting. I wonder how it would play out.

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Howard the Duck had to defeat the Dark Overlord, since he was the hero of the movie. The Dark Overlord did have an impressive ability to fire electrical energy, and I believe he also was able to hold objects in the air (similar to what Force users can do). The T-1000 could probably win, but I don't think it'd be a cakewalk.

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T-1000 in a curbstomp

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T-1000 takes this the Dark Overlord was impressive but the T-1000 is more durable.

The Dark Overlord can be easily cut by the T-1000. Its eyes showed to real power other than stunning living beings.

It would take awhile but I think the T-1000 would eventually kill it pretty easily.

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T-1000 wins.