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Battles are won by KO or by death. This is Sylar from the end of Season 1. This is Loki from Thor & The Avengers. Who wins and why.

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Loki wins this. Loki has taken hits from Thor and Hulk and lived to tell about it. Taken hits from all kinds of explosives like Hawkeyse's exploding arrow, to the face. Fell into a wormhole and lived. Has the ability to create mirror images of himself and with his staff, can mind control people.

This Sylar is from season 1 so he doesn't have any regen abilities from Clair. His durability is that of an normal human iirc. One kick from Loki should kill Sylar as Loki once kicked a soldier and send him flying trough the air and killed him. Sylar won't have time to go nuclear before Loki kills him or mind controls him. Sylar has never fought an opponent who can create a mirror image of himself so Loki has a good chance of sneaking up on him when its needed.

Remember this, in season 1 Peter knocked out Sylar in ''Homecoming'' and himself by falling off a building so just to show you that Sylar doesn't have superhuman durability. Loki could oneshot this.

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yeah but didn't sylar have nuclear powers at the end of season 1? i dont remember much since ive seen it a long time ago, but nuke powers should be able to deal with loki.

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Loki is tougher, though Sylar has used telekinesis to lessen blows and falls and such. Durability - Loki

Sylar has more versatile powers, cryokinesis, telekinesis, nuclear blasts, etc., and thus he can keep Loki from ever getting near him. He has caught bullets with his TK, so he should be able to react fast enough to catch Loki. Attacks - Sylar

Speed is the biggest thing, if Loki gets in close, Sylar loses, unless he goes nuclear.

I would say 5/10 for both of them, depending on who gets the first blow in.

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If Loki has the staff, he should win this, relatively easily.

Even without it, his reflexes and awareness were high enough to allow him to catch an arrow out of the air without looking at it, and then letting it blow up in his face with no consequences. He can create mirror images, alter minds from untold miles and possibly even lightyears away.

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Sylar's ability should allow him to study and see through the illusions after awhile.

Sylar has a wide array of powers, but Remember Loki is not GOD he is a Frost Giant so Cryo is useless but he can also melt things by focusing on it, so the staff could be melted, he can hear heartbeats from anywhere. His TK is advanced enough to catch bullets or to create a fine layer over his skin (Seen when Matt shot at him in one of the early episodes.)

also he does not just Explode with his nuke powers, he can generate heat, light, electricity, ect by controlling it. His original gift makes him insanely dangerous with an ability like radiation manipulation. Hence why they took it from him.

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Sylar, Loki was such a b!tch in Avengers..

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Movie Loki loses, but comic Loki stomps.

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