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 Who wins this fight ? Captain America has the Uni Power... 

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sylar hands down

he is much more powerful than captain America i mean the the caps most powerful attack is to throw his shield but sylar can just deflect that with his telekinesis and then freeze him within a few seconds then blast him with radiation and if there is anything left he would just melt it.

even if cap sneaks up sylar would hear his heart beat and he would the upper hand.

therefore sylar would always win.
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Curbstomp. Why are all of your battles so horrible?

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sylar snappes his neck with his mind...wow that was quick
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its so not fair to shove someone that has DOZENS of super-human abilities with Captain America, yes he has alot of strength feats but telekinetics are probably his biggest bane

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This is beyond overkill. Terrible match up.

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@Reactor said:
" This is beyond overkill. Terrible match up. "
no it aint... read the OP again
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lol nice save KS
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@Agent Buttons said:
" lol nice save KS "
I was surprise to see this thread... forgot I made it actually... but it brings me to my point... that for whatever reason people fear bumping up good battles... they would rather try and dig up a 2 year old thread that they can pick on with ease... or at least they think they can... 
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@King Saturn said:
" @Reactor said:
" This is beyond overkill. Terrible match up. "
no it aint... read the OP again "
Good move. Now I want to change my vote to cap, but I don't see Sylar going down that easy. I think his molecular manipulation would be the decisive factor here.
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oh your a tricky one Saturn...not making us read the OP

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all wrong  Cap has  what i call the heroic effect, you see  hes an icon, soooo things will turn in  his favour. A divine intervention so to speak sence he's our hero.  
Sylar would grip Cap's shield and toss it into a wall  then grip cap, and boast at how feble he is. Sylar then would see caps super soldier ability, but realise its genetic enhance and deals with DNA not the brain, he understands that he can not copy this type of power,but will seek away to.   

 But an unexpected turn of events imerge, that wall had a gas pipe,  which   Conveniently  explodes blasting sylar from behide,  buring him extreamly badly. Cap intercepts his shield in mid air flippin as sylar  is flown towards him. As cap flip dogdes and catches his shield, he super soldierly slams sylar down as he preforms this awsome manuever...  
After landing he notices the  bodyof Sylar trying to heal rappidly  which it does.. 
That was errie, Sylar says smiling and Sy-fires building debris at The Hero, Cap without diffacultly blocks the building fragments away, Sylar then ferociously Sy-firesfragments of broken glass at Cap,few get pass and scrape the Captain, Sylar  angerly switches and launches electrical energy at Cap, Cap ferociously   blocks each bolt while runing at sylar,  who under estimates caps speed. Sylar only has time to  Sy-push his shield, which only deflects a little bit, due to the vibranium absorbing energy
so its bearly knocked away.  
Cap unleashes many super punches, one's he has pummled on even the Hulk  who felt the blows.  Sylars jaw smashed and eye puntured,  lets out a roar as a sonic rippling type  wave fires at cap, from the mouth of Sylar. Cap using his fast relexes flips back grabing his shield which absorbs the scream, cap again rushes sylar  who's  healing, cap throws his shield hard but away from Sylar, Sylar grips cap hulting him and immedily tries to skull cap Captian America, unknown to sylar agin the shield ricochets off 2 close buiding walls, where they are fighting and slams into sylars back lodgin into  and peralysing him.. Sylar  yells out in agony and  loses his tele-grip on cap but not before he fires 2 electrical blast at cap hitting him point blank. into one of the walls. 
Cap felt this one, head brused, shocked and stinging   he looks up to a healed sylar holding his shield, Sylar atempts to use Alchemy on the shield, as it starts to transform into gold, the process dissapates, Sylar with a confused look, looks deeper, and now understands the compexity of the mixed Vibranium/ Adamantium properties, which counter most know substance transformation, however what does work is the shield itself. sylar knowing the history of the shield and Cap  origin behind this ICON looks at cap and smerks, "A real american hero, i guess knowing really is half the battle...ehh Cap...time to be all you can be Captian,"  Sylar begains to Tele-slice Caps skull, steve rogers takes the pain,gripping his teeth, but feels it. 
As the slice starts across his skull,slashing his iconic white A, over his blue mask, mass blood splatters all over steve rogers, who's eyes are locked ,widen from the shock n awe of what he's wittnessing the last look of death knowing your doom is at hand....... 
But its not Caps blood,thats gushing out, its sylars with  15 Carbondium rounds into his body,which slows healing. from behind the black widow fired slienced rounds into him with deadly percision. sylar very hurt, even bleeding out quickly  gesters a sy-cut to her throat , the unseen slice rippes her  rifle pistols in two,gashing her neck  in a fatal blow.The black widow drops in agony, cap yells with fury and anger..
 Cap unleashes a fury of pounding shield smashes to sylar ,who dropped his weapon,breaking many bones, crushing  vital organs (he remembers his battles with  wolverine and the hulk) as cap rapidly pummls sylar non stop,  the brain-man manages to Telekineticly push cap into the street, slaming him into a car, it hurt, but it wasn't as force full due to the man once known as gabriel Grey.. Sylar agin begins to heal but far slower,  too much damage,and the Carbandium rounds still in him. 
 cap realises and rips the door of the car and throws it at sylar.., sylar hults it ,but  cant manage to hold it due to the still broken limbs, bullet rounds still in him, punctured organs, mass bleeding out, and slowed healing effect  "What's happening to me!" Sylar yelps.  
Cap rushes the floating door and ram kick its with his patriot spirit, and steel toe boots. 
Again sylar's down, cap sees debris from the gas explosion and grabs a rod of metal and attacks him beating him to a pulp,knowng he can heal, cap doesnt regret doing this  knowning it must be done and he'll eventully live. 
Think wolverine, he says  over and over. as he stabbs and beats sylar over and over,cap does the unthinkable  for it dawns on him and lodges the metal rod into sylars heart. grabing another he does it agin, then using his super soldier strength bends them in a type of  cuff, ring  through his heart  bynding him, keeping sylar from  full regeneration  , wolvie once told him "you wanna stop me bub you gotta stop my heart, i'll come back but you'll put me down for a while Bub"..Cap does exactly that.  Sylars eyes turn snow white and he drops to the pavement in a pool of blood.
Cap,  after a nasty battle  calls in the avengers, and shield and warns nick fury of this deady villian and the loss of  some one he deeply cared about..
Iron man Rushes to Cap they have a stare down, cap still doesnt trust tony stark,but under the cercumstances he will not hold a grudge. Wolverine sniffs Sylars body, and scans it deeply..his enhanced hearing  he can hear tiny sounds out healing taking place 
Sniknt!!!! wolvie pops his blades and moves to slash Sylar up...Cap says no to wolvie 
"I know death bub, and dis aint it....Let me do what im best at, y'know im the best there is at it, for The Widow" 
Cap reminds wolverine that justice must be served, logan adhears  and stands down 
weeks  later  in a prision known as the vault in the deepest levels one Gabriel Grey lies in darkness, not dead, but n a state of void hoping to one day escape and destroy Captian america, if he could utter one word it would be, we  will meet agin.....Captain Rogers.....but in the darkness he hears one distictive sound that keeps echoinh...............SNIKNT!!!!!!!!!
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awesome lol

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Sylar... thens go for the rest of the advengers