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Comic book goons.

They are armed with knives, katanas and Swords.

Battle ends in death.

Sweeney has all his weapons, including a large Meat Cleaver.

Battle takes place in Sweeney's barber shop.

10 Joker goons total.

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Sweeny never did anything too impressive in the film from what I recall and he definitely never did anything to impressive during the stage version.

Joker thugs leave the demon barber of Fleet St laying in the gutter.

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They have a schoolbus

schoolbuses - knives

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soooo random haha joker goons

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didn't sweeney require sneak attacks?

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Sweeney would get hacked to pieces - he can't surmount their numbers.

Great musical, though. "There was a barber and his wife...and she was beautifuuuul"

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@veshark: So, Sweeney could only beat a little kid? Not even street-level people?

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The problem is with numbers. Sweeney has no HTH feats to prove that he can take on ten men armed to the teeth with blades.

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One of my favorite movies, love the Sweeney Todd character, think he's great, yadda yadda. That said, he has 0 combat feats and dies hilariously against 10 normal, mean-spirited thugs in masks.

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Joker goons are usually well armed psychos and thugs plus theres ten of them and Sweeney Todd is just a psychotic barber... I'm going with the goons...