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Omega Red


Omega Clan


Toxin Carnage Venom Anti-Venom Hybrid
Battle Ground Manhattan Island.

Rules -

Marvel Team gets 48hrs prep team talk & full info on the Swarmlord.

Most Badd Ass versions of the Symbiotes can be used in this encounter.

Swarmlord gets no prep/info.

Marvel team starts to the west in the city, Swarmlord starts just north of the lake.

Win by KO, Death or Retreat.

No BFR allowed.

Who Wins?

@cadencev2 @strider92 @guardian_of_gravity @jonny_anonymous @chaosmarvel

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For some reason the links dont work so will post a few of the lesser known characters.

Swarmlord (full details on wot he can do)

Omega Clan (Omega White Omega Black Omega Red)


Im sure your all familiar with the other characters ie-Toxin, Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom & Omega Red :)

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@chaos_prime: don't know about swarmlord. Can you post some powers and streghnths ? I'm a big symbiote guy so I know a lot here. Will post when you respond:)

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Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions and stamina, regeneration (low-mid),Near Enough immortal, massive pain manipulation, energy projection and forcefields, soul manipulation, telepathy aura that can nullify magic around him (anyone who attempts to use magic goes insane, suffers physical injury or dies)

Weaknesses: Nothing notable really.

Lifting Strength: Class 100+ (curbstomped Marneus Calgar in single combat)

Striking Strength: Capable of slicing through adamantium and even forcefields with his blows, can shatter 40K metals like glass.

Speed: Superhuman movement, Hypersonic/reactions/attack speed (moves so fast that even bullet timers cannot percieve its movements/land a hit)

Durability:Can tank plasma blasts and large volumes of dropship fire.

Destructive Capacity: City Block+ level with physical attacks.

Stamina: Huge superhuman+

Equipment: 4 Bone Swords (that can drain the life force from its opponents in a similar fashion to daemon weapons.Can Slice through Most Metals/Force Fields.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Paroxysm - Uses his psychic power to target every nerve and pain receptor in the target's body, crippling them

Leech Essence - Can steal the opponents souls at long distance.

Psychic Scream - Waves of psychic energy that can drive opponents insane or outright kill them

Warp Blast - A blast of warp energy.

Shadow of the Warp - Aura of psychic energy that prevents use of magic, basically if you attempt to use magic while in it, you either become insane, suffer massive physical trauma or die. Being a Synapse Creature Swarmlord can utilise this ability.

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18 day 18 hour Bump :)

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Swarmlord could win but i'm dubious about the death spores.