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Zombie Apocalypse has officially taken over Earth. These are normal but fast zombies and not superhero zombies like Marvel Zombies. You have to choose 3 characters to survive the Apocalypse.


-Characters can be a little bit stronger than Spider-Man's level (Street Level Basically)

-Speedsters are allowed.

-Your characters have 3 days to prepare and can scavenge weapons from deceased heroes. Ex: Green Arrow using Spider-Man's web shooters.

-Must choose a location for your team to stay.

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Three flood tank forms to vomit out flood infection forms and thus replace the Zombie apocalypse with a flood apocalypse.

That's still a technical win right?

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In three days Flash gathers enough ammo and guns for Punisher to last a lifetime. He also gets parts for Spiderman to invent something to change the Zombies back and something to destroy as many as possible. Spiderman then places web barricades so the Zombies will take a while to get in. They then hold out in a warehouse and easily fend off all the Zombies. Oh and Flash brought Green Arrow's Bow and Arrows, Wonderwoman's Sword, and Doom's equipment for Spiderman to help fight the Zombies. I'd say These three survive fairly easily.

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@oreoassassin said:

@guardian_of_gravity: Lol. Clever, and yes technically a win lol

I wonder how Zombies will react to being infected and hunted for a change.

They wouldn't. They are just dead corpses spreading the virus. The flood would turn the planet into a massive hive in a week. There's nothing the zombies can do.

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well now

Black Panther


Pre-52 Green Arrow

we stay in Black Panthers Palace in wakanda

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Punisher Daken & Quicksilver & i'd say in Australia .

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Anderson. Let the hordes try and get past him.