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Here we have it, a battle of Galaxy busting magnitude; pitting some of the strongest characters in Marvel against one another. Not only that, but power amplifications must properly be taking into accordance with the battle, as well as battle strategies and Thor's omniscience. Bear in mind Surtur will be holding the Odin Sword for this battle; and the due of father and son are on a conquest to retrieve it. Loki the foul mischief has beset Odin from his sword, and from this arrogance; both, Loki and Surtur must pay dearly. Upon the conquest for vengence and retrieving what is rightfully his, the two discover Galactus stands alongside Sutur with plans to rule the universe together! Who wins?! Battle rules are as followed:

  • Galactus begins the battle completely fed; but is at 95%(travel time) & draining, since 100% does not exist.
  • Surtur begins his battle completely blood lusted & wielding the Odin Sword.
  • Odin is amplified by the Destroyer Armour, Belt of Strength, Asgard
  • Rune King Thor comes as he is in the comics; full omniscience.
  • Three preparation time.
  • In character.
  • Blood lusted
  • Battle takes place in Asgard
  • No outside help; save for Odins amplification
  • First to K.O or win.
Galactus 100%
Rune King Thor
Odin/ Destroyer Armour, Asgard OP, Belt of Strength,
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RKT and ODIN.. RKT messes up surtur.. then joins odin to fight big G.. Idk what the hell galactus can even do other then shoot red eye beams.. ANd noone really knows what a fully fed galan could do.. I don think he has been shown in the comics

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A bloodlusted Galactus (if there is such a thing) would be able to barely solo. Surtur just serves as damage control, or a great distraction.

Team 1 FTW!!!

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TEAM 2 mega curbstomps like hell on ants

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Team 2 but there isn't a crupstomp

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Team 1 galactus might solo.

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team 1 quite easily.

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