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random encounter, no timetravel to the past, in character, recent Superman, fight in Metropolis, win by death or KO



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Zoom in a stomp

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I do strongly believe zoom can win this, from what i observed of him on comicvine.

i know this might stray off the topic, but still, it's been confusing me for a really long time. Does Zoom actually have superspeed ? Or he just manipulates the time stream itself ? Many claim he's just a normal motherfucker with the ability to change the time flow around him. If it is indeed the case, then would it be pointless to include him in long distance intergalactic races in which the flash or other speedsters usually compete in ? Because as far as my knowledge stretches, the distance from point A to point B doesn't shrink when the time flow is altered, correct ? So for example we task him to go from his home to the nearest supermarket, he freezes time and actually manages to reach the destination, yes, from our point of view, he did do that instantly, but what do we see from HIS own perspective ? Did he just normally walk or run there as we usually do but with time frozen or he popped up in the supermarket instantly too ? Now what if we task him to circle the earth ? Because I did see a scan of him battling flash in a mere second, and still they managed to circle the earth a few times, which doesn't make sense if zoom doesn't have wanked up speed, because he'll literally get too fucking old simply by circling the earth that many times, even with his ability too freeze time, because as i've already mentioned, the distance is independent from the time, or am i glitching ? I'm deeply sorry if this is in anyway a very dumb or retarded question, i hardly ever held up any issue depicting this amazing character such as zoom in my hands.

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@lytet5: No, that's not exactly the case. 1) Professor Zoom has all the powers the Flash does (this isn't Prof. Zoom, I know). 2) Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) is able to enhance his own speed vastly relative to those around him. So your conception is sort of on, sort of off, because this means he ACTUALLY does move at super speed - however fast you go, he can go way faster (which is why even an amped Flash couldn't keep up with him). Also why he can hit way harder than Superman, at many times the speed of light (which is why he takes this handedly). Unsure of if he can phase or use other Flash/Reverse Flash powers, but even without them he stomps.