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there goes Superman

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Superman would have no chance

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All thanos has to do is snap his fingers and Superman is gone.

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Let's see...Superman charges Thanos at ridiculous metahuman speed (or heat vision from a distance, or flings a bus whatever, doesn't matter) whereupon Thanos, reacting instantaneously to this action by sensing Superman's mental intention with the Mind Gem, freezes time across the whole universe. Laughing manaically at his impending victory, Thanos rearranges Superman's molecular structure and rewrites his destiny on the Strands of Fate to transform him into a...cheeseburger! The most Super Cheeseburger in the world! Faster than a speeding heart attack, able to leap tall arteries in a single bound! Not feeling particularly hungry himself, Thanos decides the most fitting punishment for this pathetic upstart is to allow the ants on the ground to consume the burger slowly...after wiping the dog-poo from his boot onto the bun and cushing it into the asphalt.

With time still frozen, Thanos senses other beings within the universe who would resist his rule. Not being the kind to make the same mistake twice (by allowing a lengthy battle in which he might possibly be tricked out of the gauntlet) he wills all beings in said universe (save himself, of course) to simply cease to exist while simultaneously teleporting to a pocket dimension where he and his girlfriend Death have a quiet romantic interlude immediately preceeding his total domination of all creation.

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I agree that Superman, on his own, would stand no chance at all. But keep in mind that Adam Strange revealed that Thanos has a deep and inescapable subconscious desire to lose. Therefore, if Superman were the only hero up against Thanos, he would still ultimately win because Thanos would do something to sabotage himself.

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You meant Adam Warlock.

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Satyrquaze says:

"You meant Adam Warlock."

You're right, I did. Silly me.

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I don't believe that in a battle thread, those sorts of things mean to much. After all, we're not talking about Thanos vs. His Own Fear of Success...It's Superman vs. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. If we are going to bring out all of the character's foibles and personal problems to determine battle wins and losses then most (if not all) villians vs. heroes battles would end with the hero winning because well...they're the heroes. By that same logic, most hero vs. hero battles would either not happen at all (because they're both good guys, man) or would end in a team-up where they realize that some long-lost enemy of theirs is pulling the strings from behind that bush over there and now it's time for justice to prevail! The way I see it, these threads are about power level and fighting skill, etc. Not about putting the character's on the therapist's sofa. One last point: Thanos killed A LOT of heroes in his pursuit of ultimate power (among them: Captain America, Vision, Thor, etc.) before they were all brought back accidentally by his niece once she obtained the gauntlet. Even if we included in this battle thread Thanos' deeply ingrained psychological problems, all that means is he would be defeated at some point before he succeeds in ruling the universe. Nothing would stop him from simply killing Superman and moving on. (Like when he killed so many heroes single-handedly the first time around; see above). Really good memory on Thanos' personality, though. Kudos.
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It would depend on who wrote it, Starlin for example tends to write his own characters as infallible (see "Thanos: Epiphany") unless it regards one of this other creations (RE: Adam Warlock being the one to tell Thanos of his foibles -- love that word)

But Starlin would have no problem crushing Superman's head under Thanos' heel whether it was required for the story or not. If another writer (read: ANY OTHER writer) wrote it, they'd at least make it interesting.

But in the end if Thanos somehow lost this battle, it would be a travesty of justice.

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thanks for all the input it was great I loved reading what all of you put thanks again

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I'd say Thanos, for what can't you do with the infinity gauntlet. Thanos could make a whole planet out of kryptonite (a requirement consideration for any superman vs) or destroy all the yellow suns. Plus he's purple, way cooler than fleshtones.

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thanos beacuse he could go back to before the rocket flew off of krypton. since he has the gauntlet, he is pretty much unbeatable.

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Uhh... It's called Infinity Gauntlet for a reason. Thanos.


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thanos wins

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