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Superman from Superman Speeding bullet comics


Superbat from Superman/Batman #53

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What could Superbat do? Did he just have Superman's powers?

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Batman with Superman's powers.  Or in the case of the first pic, Superman raised by the Wayne's who witnessed them die.

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@ThanosIsMad said:
" Batman with Superman's powers.  Or in the case of the first pic, Superman raised by the Wayne's who witnessed them die. "
what are his feats
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Superbat ?

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Superbat is basicly a what if series where superman crashed landed at wayne manner instead of the kent farm and was raised by the waynes instead of the kents.


Superman witnessed the waynes(including bruce) die from an gunman.


So instead of Bruce Wayne taking the around world trip of training to become batman superman did.


So superman has all the training , skills, and gadgets of bruce wayne would have had if he had become Batman plus his kryptonian powers. Batman + Superman=Superbat


Superman from Superman/Batman is the regular superman.


I say Superbat wins because he has the combination of batman's training, discipline, knowledge, gadgetry ect. and his superpowers their for he would win.


Also its been proven kryptonians can become stronger by exercising and training and since superbat would have batman's training he would be stronger by a margin.


So superbat wins.

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If you wan't to get an idea of who superbat is just imagine what it would be like if Batman ever gained Superman's powers.

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superbat, FATALITY

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Superbat was the result of Batman and Superman switching essences after they both come into contact with a magical gemstone (I want to say it was silver kryptonite or something but I could be wrong) Not only did they switch powers but they also switched abilities...Batman gained all of superman's powers but lost his fighting ability while Superman gained Batman's tactical prowess and fighting skills while losing his powers.

That being said I'd say the elseworld superman takes it

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Superman with the trauma of Bruce Wayne's childhood wins, I think. Especially if Superbat doesn't actually retain his fighting technique and his beautiful mind.

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This is like asking whether a Brock Lesnar who grew up in the Netherlands would beat Brock Lesnar in a kickboxing match.

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Superman, Superbat was powerful but was insane also. 
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Superbat,violent curbstomp 

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Superman wins 

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So this Clark Wayne versus Batman with Superman's powers but none of us his ability?

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