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Can Reed figure out a way using his intellect to stop a rampaging man of steel,with all the Marvel Heavy weighs off world on various mission ie Sentry,Thor,SS,can Reed figure out a way of stopping him,using all his advanced science.

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posobly but not probobly.

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of course he could, he's a genius.

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he couldnt

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What do you mean by prep time? Time enough to research the physiology of Kryptonians, come up with some means of depowering him and a method of employing it that Superman couldn't avoid. In theory, yes. But then Lex has been trying the same thing with better resources, not to mention having Superman in the same universe to study, he never succeeded. So there's no reason to assume Reed would fair any better.

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The only way see Reed pulling this off is banishing Clark to the Negative Zone. Or somehow figure out a way to cut supes off from his power source. Reed is a lot smarter than Luthor in my view.

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Reed hasn't figured out a way to effectively take down Hulk, so I have my doubts about permanently taking out Superman. Sure, he could come up with a short-term plan, but permanent, I don't think so.

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If he has kryptonite, yes. If not, Superman kills.

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If Superman if fighting seriously, no, he just speed blitzs Reed before he can do anything.

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Very easily.

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@CitizenBane said:

Very easily.

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With prep Reed would win.

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Depends on how much prep and if he has Kryptonite.

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He could also just hit him with a Red Sun beam.

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Yeah, with prep, Reed can create a device that will zap Clarks powers, unfortunately.

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Reed can stop Superman with enough prep