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@kingjohnrocks: Thats just it. Superman can dodge machine gun fire at point blank range. So it's not going to be that cut and dry to just up and hit him with a spell, even if he is talking or something.

@ssejllenrad: I believe they meant get his soul taken by dementors.

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Strangely enough, magical edged attacks are surprisingly effective against Superman. More so than generic magic blasts and even a devolving spell that affected the rest of the League. Werewolves and vampires, oh my.

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ImmortalOne already debunked NeonGameWave's entire argument, so I'd say Superman wins handily here.

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@deranged_midget: Super speed is gone, punches are pulled. The OP has said it.

Has Superman ever resisted his soul being taken?

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Why does Voldemort get help suddenly? That was never in the OP. Does that mean Superman can call the Justice League to help him? I mean seriously. If Voldemort needs a ton of help just to make this battle fair, then it's clearly a mismatch.

@deranged_midget Why don't you lock this thread? It's clearly a mismatch. The only argument going for Voldemort winning involves using outside help (never specified in the OP) or employing no limits fallacy to establish Voldemort as being able to conjure an 'anti-Superman' spell or potion.

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@kingjohnrocks: So, we essentially have to completely nerf Superman so Voldemort can have a slightly better chance? In that case, we might as well remove Voldemort's ability to cast spells. It's relatively ridiculous to nerf one character to benefit another because he originally wouldn't stand a chance mate.

But to answer your question, not to my knowledge no.

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If you need to nerf Superman to give Voldemort any semblance of hope, it makes the match unfair as you are purely benefiting one side. It was clearly one sided from the beginning if you chose to aid another character to make the battle "fair".

I'd suggest making a more fair battle in the future.