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It depends which Jedi

but i still say Supes wins...too fast...too strong..too powerful

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Still loses to Supes

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Curbstomp.Supes will dominate any jedi

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kinggamer97 said:
"Curbstomp.Supes will dominate any jedi"
I have to super agree with this one.
I do wonder how a light saber affects the Superman?
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Starkiller. Like I've said before; strength and speed don't matter if your being choked by an unstoppable force from 60 feet away. :P

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Actually i might lean towards star killer, look at the beginning of this vid

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superman could solo every jedi and sith combined in less than 2 min!
the sabers are nothing I doubt they would even scratch him.
hes too fast for any force attack

and what else is there?

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We might even see this fight, since the actor who was Star killer is in smallville ^.^

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we've had Superman Vs Jedi threads before, and Superman Vs verious Sith threads... and Superman Vs Lightsabers before....

come on, use the forum search function