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Iron man has all suits, but no prep. Chloe told Clark that he has to stop them. fight takes place at Stark tower in New York

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Those suits got absolutely manhandled by the Extremis soldiers, even though the soldiers couldn't fly, had no ranged attacks, and very rarely used speed. Superman has heat vision to replicate the Extremis heat attack which worked so nicely, and his strength is massively above all of the Extremis soldiers. His speed is also superior. I really see no reason that Superman doesn't stomp.

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Superman's all over it.

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This is Clark from the end of Smallville, right?

I think he stands a good chance of winning this. Clark's shown enough strength to be able to damage IM suits - he could stop an entire monorail and his punches regularly send superpowered opponents (Bizarro, Zod) flying. His flight in the finale was impressive, and he could just as easily speed-blitz the two suits (Blur and all). He's immune to bullets, has taken energy attacks and lived, so I don't see any of the suits' arsenals really harming him. Even with all the suits overwhelming him, he could tear or heat-vision through them all. I suppose one could factor in Tony's genius, but I still think Clark would take the majority in a random encounter.

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@allstarsuperman: You realize Clark moves so fast he couldn't be perceived by regular people, and was a planet mover by the end of the series right?

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What's to stop Clark from just ripping them out of the suits before they can blink?

Superspeed FTW!

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Never put Tony against Clark without prep.

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Superman and he wouldn't break a sweat

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Superman extremely easily.

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superman sneezes, game over. spite. stomp. insert overused cliche here. Great pic of Smallville Clark though.

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wow, even Clark from Superman Returns would stomps these two.....Smallville Clark is a planet pusher and has better speed feats.....damn...flagged for mismatch

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super guy wins

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This is a spite thread and should be closed. Superman without powers moved to the point where time almost stood still.

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The Iron people have nothing that can hurt Superman. Simple as that.

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bye bye tin cans!

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Clark moved a planet like 10 minutes after learning to fly, these guys are toast...

Lets not forget Tony made his own armor fall apart with a well placed hit (in the bedroom) and it shattered when hit by a truck.

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This is a mismatch.