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So I'm thinking i should have made this a blog post.

But I'm watching the awesome justice league unlimited and superman had to fight captain atom. Now this show is awesome in almost every fasit of the term, but it has shown superman man to be pretty weak, i mean super weak like lets take random laser KO weak, But for some reason he is able to beat the crap out of captain atom while he was producing red sun radiation. I call BS but i'm not sure compleatly superman is kinda hax.

with that being said what do you guys think so here is the battle

Both start about 100 yards away.

pre new 52

on a barren planet

who wins?

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He slowly got more powerful through each season and was at strongest by JLU.

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but could he really beat captain atom i mean the man had red sun energy at the time which weakens superman

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What a coincidence. I just got done watching JLU episode 1, Initiation. LOL. Remember, Captain Atom is composed of energy, and he can manipulate it with limitless potential. In the long run, Atom can generate enough radiation to put Superman on his ass, and proceed to beat the f**k out of him. I don't see Superman winning.

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Superman via Speed Blitz.

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Captain Atom

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superman cant speed blitz if captain atom is producing kryptonite radiation or red sun radiation.

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It took Superman Prime to beat Captain Atom and the universe blew up. Lucky Captain Atom isn't bad. That's all Imma say. Oh yes, Captain Atom can take Superman.

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doesnt captain atom move at ftl speeds. ive seen the scan on here

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Captain Atom has the better versatility and should beat Superman...

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justice league unlimited has inspired so many battle threads

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@chaos_soul: JLU Superman is still mentally blocked, which pervents him from accessing his full power. That's why on the JL and JLU cartoon series you will see Superman wearing a space suite when in outer space, when in actuality he doesn't really need one. It's all in his head.