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Team: Donna Troy, Geo-Force, Guy Gardner, Red Tornado

Everyone pre-52, in character, random encounter. No BFR. Win by KO or death.

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Superman. Red Tornado gets a fist threw the chest, Guy Guarder is the weakest lantern out of the famous 5 by far, and will go down very fast. Geo Force has been able to shake the planets with his hits, but Superman can do the same. Plus Superman is more versatile too,

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Geo-Force is the only real threat, Superman kills him. An accelerated light speed attack is all what he needs.

In character he Ko's Guy Gardener and dismantles Red Tornado.

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Superman wins. Geo-Force can shake the earth, Superman can fly and heat vision him, or freeze him with his breathe, while Guy Gardner is strangled by Superman's hands and Red Tornado does.... Absolutely nothing.

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Superman takes it with little effort.

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Superman easily.

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Ok, I gave the B-Listers one more member, Donna Troy.

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Maybe make the B-Listers bloodlusted?

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Maybe make the B-Listers bloodlusted?

Considering how Supes in-character lets himself get hit all the time, and doenst really speed-blitz much, I thought the numbers alone might make for a good fight.