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a death battle the strongest verson of superman.

give a reason why

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What would be an average angel's power be like? I mean is it like omniscient or something?

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You mean "an angel" or is "A Angel" the Angel's name? I don't get this.

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A, Angel from heaven... which book, comic, anime.. where is he/she from?

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the angels from spawn would be a good match for supes.

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@princearagorn1 said:

A, Angel from heaven... which book, comic, anime.. where is he/she from?

I think he means...THE heaven....

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? Do you mean the strogest superman vs the strongest angel?...well, i think the strongest angel would win...considering that at least one Angel has fought and defeat superman before...

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a normal angle from DC has the physical stats as hellboy, but could fly. a higher angle like zauriel is still not enough. then we come to the archangels like spectre and raidiant

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Technically, Michael IS an angel, albeit one of the strongest ones.

So, until more specific, Michael stomps.

Heck, even Zauriel is impressive in New 52. Though he would still probably lose as we haven't seen him being physical, he is very impressive, much more than pre-52 IMO.