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Superman Prime 1 million Vs maw

Superman Prime

Immunity- Superman Prime is imune to magic, kryptonite, lightning, mental manipulation, ect.

Creation - Superman Prime is able to create lifeforms out of nothing.

Resurrection - Omniscience

Omnipotence Omnipresent -

All Kryptonian powers under a Yellow Sun. x 100000

Immortality - Superman Prime, will live until the end of Reality.


Last Surviving Member of the First Race in the universe


-Immunity to everything

-10,000,000,000+ years old

- Destroyed and REcreated the specter(only because Presence made him do it)

-Was Linked to the Godforce until presence Took Him out of reality.

-Lucifer mentions that he only fears two beings (presnece and MAW)

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I have to say i love this fight. Maw Was so strong before he was taken out of DC universe.

I have to saw MAW takes the fight he beat full wrath specter just by waving his hand then recreated him by waving his other hand!

Maw is also said to have absorbed a large portion of the GODRAY

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Who or what is Maw ?? Prime One million has very little on panel feats and basically have to rely on speculation.

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Who is MAW ??

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Maw Is a Discontinued character from the DC universe he was in the old 60's and 70's comics and we mentioned a once my hawk man who said he influenced the egyptions

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