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thought robot is being controlled by KAL KENT and he is out of reach of prime.

Both bloodlusted. no morals. fight in empty space. who will win?

Please tell me a few things about prime 1 million.

1. Why did he took sundip for 15000 years only. Why not more? Do he have a limit of gaining powers by sundip or there was some other reason ?

2. Do he need anything to survive ?

3. Is he immortal as far as natural death is concerned?

4. Weather his powers are constant or they keep on decreasing if he uses them like normal superman ?

Note - Please don't use Hyperbole like "thought robot can counter any threat" etc. because if he was really able to counter any threat then he wouldn't have been damaged beyond repair by mandrakk's attack of mere 10 billion suns. He would have countered that threat but he didn't because he can't. He can counter threats upto a certain limit.

I am leaning towards the Golden man because I am his fan.

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1.idk maybe he got bored

2.probably not

3.i think so

4.again idk because we never seen him in action he has no feats

and for vs thought robot who knows until they use supes 1 million again to show what he can do noway to tell

btw what is SOS?

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@KINGJAMES447: sos is Sword of superman. and is as featless as prime 1 M

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@Metalslash said:

@KINGJAMES447: sos is Sword of superman. and is as featless as prime 1 M

i hate when they introduce a character with supposedly so much power but never uses what a tease

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while superman prime 1M never show any feats, we do know some of his abilities. we know that he has the powers of a 5th dimensional imp like mr mxy, meaning he has the ability to alter reality. the sword of superman is a sword that was made during the big bang, It had an S on it and formed a psychic connection with Pa Kent. It floats in space for centuries till superman finds it, and it starts to make superman even stronger, all powerful and all knowing. But Superman rejects it so that he can stay on earth

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He left the sun because he Re-made Lois Lane (the reason he went into the sun if I'm not mistaken), He doesn't need anything to survive, He is infact immune to death, to my knowledge he doesn't lose powers. I think I give it to the guy with 5th dimension reality warping.

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Give a featless character an equally featless weapon, congratulations.

Anyway, Thought Robot wins because he has more feats

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@Kovak said:

Give a featless character an equally featless weapon, congratulations.

Anyway, Thought Robot wins because he has more feats

Wrong feats dont define the power of the character. It just supports the characters power. Prime 1 million does have feats. Immortality is one of those feats. He use Dna and bring lois and krypton back. Cosmic awareness, he was aware of a dying universe but was unable to save it in time. Apparently he has the power to save universes from destruction. Even the subatomic ones. Reguardless of what you say about feats that is powerful.

You dont always have to use feats as proof of a characters power. You can also use word of mouth and character support as feats. Example 1: Silver Surfer threaten Gladiator he could defeat him quickly with the right type of radiation. Although he has never done this but it is still a feat non the less. Example 2: Batman or other characters describing a characters power. Other characters in the comics can support the powerlevels of someone else and this also can be seen as feats. Now that we covered this

The Supermen of the 853rd Century like Kal-Kent, Superman of the 5th dimension, and other Supermen like characters refer to Prime 1 million about being the most powerful Superman. That puts his feats above Kal-kent and the Superman of the 5th dimension. Which atleast makes him a reality warper.


1. The sun dip was for his survival. Superman goes into a sleep state where he is unaware of the events around him. During 1 million the Sun-eater tried to kill him and woke him up (this is why he didnt stay longer). At this point Superman already learned from the source, apparently developed new powers, and then went back to sleep inside earths star. Some kind of transformation happened after being asleep in the sun. Superman cells enriched with yellow sunlight power him; I have no idea what happened to him after this transformation but from what I know about the normal Superman: is that as long as his body can handle it, his potential for power is unlimited. But not without risk. To answer your question. He could have stayed longer.

2. In his new state its hard to tell but my guess would be like galactus needs to eat planets, he needs yellow sunlight or he will slowly get weaker. But thats going by my knowledge of the normal Superman and not the transformed state. I really have no idea. I would look at Prime 1 million as Id look at Galactus in some respects.

3. Immortal- Yes. Superman Prime 1 million is immortal for all purposes. Narutal age cannot kill him. He is powered up by the yellow sun- in some kind of super state. As long as he doesnt lose this enegry which i would predict he does over time then he could eventually die. Like Galactus needs to eat planets and if he does he is immortal. Superman Prime needs sunlight. The difference between the two is Galactus needs to feed much sooner than Superman needs Sunlight. But of course this is just my guess; Its possible Prime 1 million will not lose any energy in this transformed state but my guess is he does and being around the yellow sun will easily power him back up.

4. From what I know of Superman is potential is unlimited but he needs sunlight. Using too much power can weaken him. I would suggest the samething applies for Superman Prime 1 million. He is Superman- just a transformed and mega powered up one. I dont see why any of the rules that apply for the normal Superman; wont apply to Prime 1 million. Except for Kryponite, red sunlight, ect. This wont affect him anymore due to his power increase. His body is flowing with enough power to cancel out these weaknesses but they are still weaknesses.

5. Thought robot was a weapon made to save the universe. Its powerlevels are truely amazing but is it more powerful than Prime 1 million? No- The Thought Robot does have limitations. Prime 1 Million doesnt seem to have limits. The only feat he could not achieve was saving a dying subatomic universe in time. But he happened at the last second and by the time he noticed it; it was too late. Even noticing something like that is beyond powerful.

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Thought Robot is way more powerful than 1 MILLLION!

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Just to note, Superman Prime One mil needed the assistance of hour man and a 5-D imp to bring Lois back. And to add, where was 9it implied he had 5D powers? I only recall saying that some if his descendants had a portion of 5D powers due to mixing with the queen down the line.

Prime one Mil is too vague.

Anyways, I say the thought Robot wins.

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@SpectresWrath01: Nah, a lot of Prime One Mil is hearsay, supposition, and assumption. He has very few actual feats.

Thought Robot should win anyway.

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@Kovak said:

@SpectresWrath01: Nah, a lot of Prime One Mil is hearsay, supposition, and assumption. He has very few actual feats.

Thought Robot should win anyway.

Okay? So let me ask you this question? Is Supes 1 million stronger or weaker than Kal-Kent? And why would a imp from the 5th dimension go along with Kal-Kent saying he is the strongest Superman? If the Superman from the 5th dimension is stronger why the need for Prime 1 million in DC 1 million comics?

I understand what your trying to say about feats but I think that doesnt matter when read DC 1 million. I suggest you re-read JLA one million again. There is no question in my mind.