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Lex slipped Superman red kryptonite whilst he was Clark Kent in work. But he couldn't do anything to stop him because he would have to use his powers in front of his Daily Planter co-workers. So by the time he thought to just move out the way it hit him. He went out wrecking the city, robbing banks. Until John Stewart heard about it, and went to see what was going on. This lead to Superman saying "Get out of my or i'll have to take you down too" (corny i know)John Stewart then puts a shield up around Superman, Superman punches out of it as John is not completely focused. Superman flies off and John follows him. This then leads to a proper fight, who would win?

Give reasons for the person who you think would win!

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Superman wins, He has broken Johns constructs before, He has a pretty massive speed and strength advantage as well. The red Kryptonite will mean morals off so he will speedblitz right away, I see this fight ending with Supes holding Johns decapitated head.