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(Rana depicted above)

Location: Metropolis Bank

Scenario: Two characters I've made encounter Supes. Both female, one is a redhead named Mal and the other is an alien humanoid named Rana. They both hold a bank at gun point, saying they want to speak to Supes. Superman arrives......

Rana: (she smirks) "I was wondering when you'd get here.......five minutes, not bad."

Superman: "Drop your guns, now."

They both do instinctively.

Superman: "What do you want with me?"

Rana: "We are going to defeat you, what else?"

Superman scans them using his X-ray vision, neither one has any Kryptonite. He grabs both of them by the arm and walks them to the entrance, where police are waiting outside. As they walk Rana tells Mal "Tell Superman to get us somewhere safely, away from the police, wherever we choose. After that tell him to meet Lex Luthor and follow him wherever he goes, never hurting him or anyone who works for him."

Mal does this and Superman responds by flying them up away from the police.

Superman: "What the...."

Rana: "My friend here has command powers, whatever she says, her target will do. The catch is someone has to tell her what to say first, she can't say it on her own."

Later Superman goes to Lex Luthor's Skyscraper office. Lex is in his massive office when he hears the intercom, "Mr. Luthor, someone is here to see you." "Who?"

So now he's standing before Luthor, who is puzzled to say the least.

What can he do now to save his hide? Before Luthor decides to manipulate or just end him outright? I think Superman is really is a goner here, unless you can think of a way he can smartly gain an advantage somehow.

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Why did you title this thread what you titled it?

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READ the thread...........Superman will get defeated unless you can figure a way for him to avert it somehow, Lex and him are'nt best buds, what do you think will happen to Supes if he follows Lex around without ever trying to defend himself from him or his goons?

Nothing good........

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@lorbo: Er.. He blitzes the command Girl, tying her mouth with his red shorts?

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Remember, now he is stuck with Lex, how in the world is he gonna get Lex to go where Mal and Rana are? Lex will catch on soon that Superman has either lost his mind or is helpless. I know a way Supes could win, but it would involve him outwitting Lex, and I don't know if he's particulary good at that.

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Superman blitzes everyone in the tower before anyone can even comprehend wtf happened, gags Mal, KO's Rana with a tap and flies back to his apartment.

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Realistically, Superman could only win if he persuaded Lex to find Mal to use her for his own evil purposes. Once Mal and Rana are located Supes could speed blitz the ladies and gag Rana. Then he could tell Mal to reverse what she said. That is the only way Supes is'nt killed by Luthor that I can see.