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Superman (New 52) vs Darth Vader (condition before dual with Luke, and his death) vs Dargonborn (main questline completed, all shouts unlocked,)

Daragonborn's gear: Iron Helmet, Steel Armor, Steel Nordic Gauntlets, Steel Nordic Boots, Steel Sheild, Skyforge Steel Sword. At lvl cap. is lvled to 100 in every skill. has been able to lvl up health, magika, and stamina each 81 times. has read all books in-game.

vs Lex Luthor (Battlesuit and 1 day prep) vs Obi-Wan Kenobi (In his prime, Bloodlusted) vs Alduin (1 Day Prep)

starts in the metropolis Daily Planet (or outside, rather. some people just wont fit.)

Setup: Vader is on a mission to eliminate Jedi, and he has picked up on a very powerful source of the force. The squadron of Stromtroopers ahed of him quickly destroy everybody in the building. When Vader sees someone escape, he senses something very powerful nearby. As he rushes to the window, he hears a lightsaber activate. He turns to see his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Darth Vader also activates his lightsaber. They are about to dual, when they are interrupted by a scream. They turn to see Lois Lane, being held by Lex Luthor, who has killed her. Superman flys in through the building just a little too late to save the day. After they have all fought, and suceeded nothing but massive property damage, they hear what sounds like Explosions and Booming foreign languages. when a man wearing old lokking armor flys though a part of the wall that is still intact, followed by a large dragon tearing the rest of the top couple of floors off, they decide that in a situation like this, everybody is your enemy. Who wins?

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crap. sorry the title is a team vs enemies. that was what it was originally, but i changed it. forgot to change the name tho. forgive me for skrewing up the name and enjoy the part of the thread that counts? that would be nice. but haters gonna hate. bring it. i dare you.

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So...Lex Luther, Alduin (or a Dragon) and Vader vs Obi Wan, the Draonborn and Superman? If so I'm giving it to the good guys since Alduin isn't that tough to beat and could easily be slain, Vader MIGHT be able to take down Obi-Wan but if the Dragonborn can keep his distance and attack first he should be able to take on Vader with his slow down time and give the good side a advantage, also he can summon some pretty powerful allies e.g. a dragon etc. Now with Lex, is he wearing his Kryptonite battlesuit? If so I don't know how that would play out but I am confident that the heroes win. I think Superman would easily take out Vader with his speed.

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How good is their knee armor?