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Rules: morals off
Fight takes place on earth during the day

no humans around

Fight to the death

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Thanos easily

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They have a chance... ı mean most dangerous Hulk version and Supe..They have a chance but not easily

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@utkanflash: I think the OP means Wonder Woman, not World War Hulk.

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Thanos cant die, even if he could he'd probably win

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Not sure if Thanos is still incapable of being killed, the lastest infinite comics on GOTG hints on him appearing on GOTG comics pretty soon.

That being said Thanos can take it, assuming we ignore what Bendis did (although truthfully, while i believe Thanos is going to look at a better power level in upcoming series, barring GOTG i suppose coz Bendis is writing it again and he himself seems to have ignored everything he wrote in Avengers Assemble about Thanos, i dont think we are going to see Marvel give as much respect to Thanos as Starlin did.. )

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Thanos pimpslaps them and puts them back on the street corners to make some money.

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Thanos, the man who blasted Galactus down, can take these two...

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Thanos trashes them both with a pimpslap

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Thanos without a doubt.

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Thanos destroys them.

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Can someone explain why Thanos easily beats these two but loses to Darkseid when Superman by himself has taken on Darkseid? I know it's ABC but it's relevant here.

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Thanos doesn't lose to Darkseid. Unless it's Normal Thanos and SoulFire Darkseid or PC Source Wall Darkseid. But Darkseid as he regularly appears just tooled by Thanos.

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Thanos wins in a good fight with Superman and Wonder Woman... their speed could become a problem to him for a while... but The Purple Titan's durability is Great and can withstand some Incredible Things...

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@pope052: and what happen when galactus got back up? lol

and i say the team wins superman uses the radion bullet... oh wait wrong character

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Thanos mind rapes Superman then proceeds to abuse Wonder Woman until she's black and blue.

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@utkanflash: I think the OP means Wonder Woman, not World War Hulk.

Thanks ..Sorry everyone.. and iin this scenerio. They still have a chance .... But this is Thanos

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Thanos wrecks both Superman and Wonder Woman.

Even though his blast did not really harm Galactus but rather forced him back it is still very impressive and these same blasts should be able to put down Superman and Wonder Woman, Thanos also has shields.

Thanos shields should guard him from Superman`s heat vision and he would also have the defensive advantage as shown in his fight against Galactus his shield was able to stand up to Galactus` energy attack.

Although I don`t think this was a galaxy busting attack or Odin`s most powerful attack it`s still a very impressive durability feat for Thanos and Thanos also took this attack head on.

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thanos. They won't even get near to killing him.

Simply because it's impossible.

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Thanos >>>>>>>>> jla, let alone its two least amazing members

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Pimpslaps for everyone!!

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@russellmania77: It doesn't matter what happened when Galactus got back up, what matters is that Thanos actually managed to blast him off his feet. Something Superman nor WW would ever be able to do. Not to mention it was without the Infinity Gauntlet aswell...