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No morals

Both teams bloodlusted

Fight takes place in space

Who wins?

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Stardust and Gladiator,Stardust could possibly solo

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While I want to say Supes and my boy BA.But it depends on Gladiator confindence.Is he confindent??And is ths New 52 Supes?Or Pre-52 Supes?And what BA??WW3?

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Team one. Gladiator dies quick regardless of how confident he is or who he get paired up against. He is the weak link. BA and Supes will take down Stardust...hard. I'm not sure if SD can be killed. If it can be killed, then they will kill it. Otherwise it'll be drained to the point where it's attacks are either inconsequential/noneffective or it will flee the field of battle.

I don't see anyway that team two wins this.

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Supes and BA that sounds like the dream team

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@eippihrellik said:

Supes and BA that sounds like the dream team

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Team 1 but Stardust is extremely weighed down here.