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  • Powers That Are Accepted:
  • Thor weather Manipulation
  • Avengers Full Strenght
  • As well as BatAnd Supes
  • Prep: None
  • All weapons Availible

Batman And Supes Pick one More Team Mate: Giganta

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wait wut

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I don't understand this. Anyways avengers win based on numbers.

Cap, Black Widow and Hawkeye deal with Bats (with no prep).

Ironman, Thor and Hulk deal with Superman.

Antman grows and deals with Giganta. Until Hulk or Thor help out.

This is unfair.

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Batman solos

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Solo means One. Batman and Superman are a Duo. That means Two. Adding Giganta makes them a Trio. That means Three. By definition a Duo or a Trio cannot "Solo"

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Someone made that fatal of fatal errors when including Superman in a fight... They said Superman at full power... well now, which Superman would that be.... by placing no limits folks are gonna go extreme. Thinking about this in the spirit it's put though I see Batman going down relatively quickly to the combined efforts of Black Widow and Captain America. He does however take Black Widow out. Superman would have speed-blitzed to prevent this but right off he get's nailed by Mjolnir sending him flying back for a bit.... After this.. with the combined efforts of Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man..... Superman get's knocked out. Not before tearing Iron Man a new one, hitting Hulk so hard he bfr's him, and beating Thor absolutely bloody.... but Thor lands the final blow giving the Avengers the win.

All that's with current Superman.....and even with current Superman I could still play fanboy in a lot of ways to give him the win. Batman though, is kind of out of his league.