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#51 Posted by kcaz (1371 posts) - - Show Bio

anyone has scans of supes prime 1 million abilities? he has omnipotence and omnipresent abilities right?

#52 Posted by The Man of Yesteryear (5502 posts) - - Show Bio

No, I don't know where that DC Wikia got its info from.

#53 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (5351 posts) - - Show Bio

Pre Retcon Beyonder blinks and SPM ,hell Krypton never existed. Superman fanboys commit mass suicide lol.

#54 Posted by The Man of Yesteryear (5502 posts) - - Show Bio

No, Eternity wins.

#55 Posted by untammed (442 posts) - - Show Bio

@Thepowercosmic said:


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#57 Posted by Ancient_0f_Days (11987 posts) - - Show Bio

can the OP at least give superman his sword......he should be able to do better with that at least.....won't be a total stomp.... i think.

#58 Posted by Sherlock (7252 posts) - - Show Bio
@XMen1963: Battle was made weeks ago so if it hasnt been locked yet it prolly wont be.Also check the rules saying that about a thread is against them
#59 Posted by X_insignia1 (1384 posts) - - Show Bio

pre retcon beyonder solos

far as supes 1 million, dope character, epitome wise

little to no feats, which tip the favors from his part