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Scenario: Superior has decide to break in the Uncanny xforce. He has a week prep. Fight is at the X force's base. All of the X force has standard equipment. Start from 30 yards away. morals on. X force: Cable, Colossus, Domino, Forge, Doctor Nemesis, and Hope summers

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the team destroys him, colosus would solo, so would cable easily. and hope.... you added hope... against a wanna be peter parker.... come on now this is spite. and for the record peter parker spiderman would destroy superior spiderman and would do much better than superior. doc ock doesnt have the heart of a champion he has a weak cowards heart and would flee when pete would stay and give all to win (though obviously in this fight he wouldnt win)

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morals on superior spider-man finds some way to incapacitate them

morals off the team takes it

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With a weeks prep Superior stomps this team.