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Superior Spider-Man is entered into the tournament as one of Earth's guardians

Progressing in the standard 1 v 1 in a random location is there any particular character(s) that would give Spider-Man trouble

Scenario 1 : Spider-Man knows the situation and has prep time but no information on his competition

Scenario 2 : Spider-Man can watch his competition, so progressively gets more prep time as the rounds continue on. As with the video game, harder enemies would be towards the end of the competition.

Follow Up: What would be his fatality?

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Scorpion, subzero. And any robot could beat Spiderman with ease. I Evernote feel like most characters could. Kabal, baraka, raiden, noob saibot. I mean, has spiderman ever faced enemies with supernatural powers?

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Morbius, along with some of his other enemies. Spiderman is faster and stronger than most of the characters in Mortal Kombat, I think he could take out most, if not all, of the characters you listed

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What is special about SSM vs regular SM?

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@onilordasmodeus said:


What is special about SSM vs regular SM?

Doc Oc is controlling him so he doesnt hold back like Spiderman, other than that there isnt much

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@dtschemmel: IMHO I don't see how any of those characters are beating spiderman "With ease" some of them would give him a decent fight but most of them would loose the majority. Scorpion and subzero are both tough but spidey has faced and defeated people with similar powers and Otto wont be holding back. Baraka would get wrecked. Noob saibot would be a challenge but otto has spidersense as well so teleportation wont be really hard to avoid (much like the spiderman vs nightcrawler threads). Raiden would be interesting. Spidey has fought electro a ton and Otto pre-spiderman worked with him frequently Otto would know how to deal with his lighting. But of those that you mentioned Raiden has the best chance of beating spidey for a majority of fights. I don't know anything about the upper level MK guys though at the top of the picture.

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@rd2race: Goro, would lose. Too slow. Shao Khan could win. Blaze is a god. And I feel Ermac could stomp him..