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They are aloud to use all thier powers

This Supergirl:


This Superboy:

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what versions?

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Animated Superboy versus comics Supergirl?? This is SPITE in SG's favor.

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@nightwing737:Do you hate Superboy, this version cant version even fly & doesn't have heat vision

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oh we're going with animated Superboy? Supergirl STOMPS HIM in a nanosecond.

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Yeah, animated Superboy wouldn't stand a chance against comic version Supergirl.

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This ends in sex.

Now with that out of my system, as said before, animated superboy goes squish against comic super girl.

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animated SB is only golden age power level,this would be like Match against  SB without  his shields,which of course duh wouldnt end well for "this" if they ever give that SB some TK or TTK abilites,i would give it to him easily. 
oh and in comics,superboy can beat supergirl,he took her best and stopped her cold without even trying.

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Animated SB gets stomped pretty bad bro.

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this is SPITE,why are ppl taking this serious?

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well maybe SB will find away to age agin when the season starts up again in january,then maybe he could get more krypronian or maybe even greg weismans favorite TTK(thats a joke folks),he could mutate because he is part human,genomorphs have mental powers,and he is one,or maybe he could take ms martians TK.

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@Lord_Johnathan:  ewww gross, Dude they are cousins. Since superboy is superman's younger clone and Supergirl is Superman's cousin. 
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this is a major mismatch. Flagged