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fight happens in metropiles and no prep new 52 comes out of a rift portal both superboys are


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so this is pre 52 superboy right? against the nudcu SB. 
the pre 52 has years of experience already,has all kryptonian powers and very very limited TTK,but might still have a slower solar energy absorbing rate,and has a kryptonite weakness.
new SB is very new,and not experienced,but has a almost killer instinct,he has full TK,TTK that mimics kryptonian physical powers and at their levels,but also the TTK tricks like dismantling things,or blowing things up,he aslo has a tactile sense that works when he is in contact with somethijg,so he can scan a entire island instantly or breakdown the chemicals in a drink,in a fight if contact is made he can see and react to anything,bart allen or supergirl are not fast enough for his TTK not to react against them. nuSB has no kryptonite weakness. also has to focus to protect himself,cause his TK nkw takes a conscious effort.
at first glance pre52 SB looks like he would win,but nuSB has so much power,intelligence,and instinct that i might have to give it to him.

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i see

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@whoohoo789: Can new 52 superboy go into his berserker rage

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it might be that Harvest is the only one who can trigger kon goijg into his beserker state,also did that state look that much better than his normal state?