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wonder if superboy new 52 can defeat all this youngsters from marvel

team marvel: Omega Kid, Skaar, Kid Gladiator, Genesis/Apocalipse, and (I just came up with him) Kid Loki

first round, no prep, standard equpment (kon doesn't know their powers)

second round: 1 week of prep, standar equipment (kon know their powers)

they're in character, fight in chicago, no people, victory by death or k.o.

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that's it? no explanation? c'mon

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@ShadowPro: Superboy wins all, if he's willing to do it he can rip out their bones fron their bodies

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Team, Superboy Pre-52 would win, Skaar alone would provide him a decent fight.

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@dondave: using his bare hands or only the tk?

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@ShadowPro: Using the tk

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@dondave: nice... even though, don't think that would be so easy considering they have a telepath who can put him in "video game world" in his mind and with an apocalypse in their side... it won't make things so easy either, although on a second thought he doesn't really know how to use all his powers

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Superboy would get stomped by this team in both rounds. He's nowhere near powerful enough to take all these guys at once.

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holy crap dude you really dont like superboy ,or you think he is god level dont you? well he cant beat all these guys at the same time,no way.now one by one he might be abke to get through rhem,but all of thise Marvel teens are massivley powerful.

i mean superboy does have the raw power to beat them,but having the power and beating them is different.

oh and superboy has something in his head that vegetates anyone that goes inside of it,just ask Kiva.

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R1 - Team easily. C'mon, Skaar alone would be a tough match, but adding people like Kid Loki, Apocalypse or Quentin Quire is just overkill.

R2 - Team curbstomps. Kid Omega is a genius and a telepath and he could do a damn lot with a week of preparation. Adding Kid Loki, Genesis, etc is just an extreme overkill.

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superboy did mess up the titans pretty bad . if its conner with his ttk then he takes this after a tough fight but im not sure on current connor since he lost that and now has the "generic" kryptonian power set , if he is really "neutered" as he said the team takes this and its almost not fair lol

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he only has the armor for a short while.

i need to know why the OP made this,was it out of spite or thinking SB is unbeatable?

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Skaar might solo, dont say he wont, he has hulk level strength, hulk regen, plus old power, meaning he can control the earth, regenerate from it, draw one trillion tons of force from it in seconds and i think he can turn people to stone

Kid gladiator is basically superboy, plus added strength with confidence, and with a team he WILL be confident

Current teen loki is and his old power levels, so he definately solo's

Queintin solo's too, omega telepath that made emma and xavier go "d*******mn!"

Genisis might solo too

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Superman looses pretty bad 1st round

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Well bumping this was pointless. Where's the gauntlet?

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He only loses to Kid Omega. He mind wipes or stops the flow of blood to to the brains of everyone else.

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team curbstomps very minimum second round. more than likely both rounds. also, not a gauntlet.

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Everyone else dies and omega gets blitzed or mind wipes superboy but I'm pretty sure superboy has some defense.

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@mikep12: I doubt he could take Skarr that easy

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@bronze_surfer: Bfr. It's just that easy. Or he just cuts the blood flow of his brain. Once again it's just that easy.

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@mikep12: how fast is super boy? And Skarr was able to fight green scar hulk. He also has tk in the old power (note Kon is in charecter

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@bronze_surfer: He can keep up with kid flash, and seems to be able to fly at extremely high speeds and assuming this is current Connor he's near completely immune to tp and he's kind of evil now so being in character wouldn't mean much since he really doesn't have morals. How good is skarr's tp? Didn't Superboy lift a mountain recently and fight He'L and supergirl?