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you don't know what you are talking about
1.prime beat 3 falshes before they BRF him into the speed force
2.prime beat a flash from another universe after he escape the speed force
3.in the sinestro corp war prime beat 2 flashes who were trying to speedblitz him but they didn't have a chance
SBP only lose to flashes whe kid flash was bring back to life  and when flash was fully tapped into the speed force and prime was still dodging his punches
Scans or it didn't happen. 
Not that it matters.  Being able to beat characters that can't touch Zoom doesn't mean you're fast enough to catch Zoom 
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The same way Bart broke his nose,and why are you still using Countdown?
Because it's all he's got. 
Countdown: The series so bad that the event it counted down to ignored it completely. 
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How do you figure the 1985 COIE Anti-Monitor and 2007 SCW Anti-Monitor compare to the 2012 GLTAS version http://gltas.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-Monitor

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@supermandefender: SCW is a mistake of a book.Prime took on the freaking Anti-Monitor and won.You have to admit that is PIS.

That AM was weak, it was nothing to the COIE version.

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so like superboy prime cant defeat him while superman prime can beat him i think you guys think zoom is too powerful

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SBP gets schooled