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Superboy prime has suit and gogeta is at full power.

Both are bloodlusted.

Morals off.

Wins by KO or death.

And, There is a yellow sun.

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Didn't Superboy Prime punch a hole through reality? A punch that triggered a reboot and brought character's back from the dead? A punch that would equal the same ability as Flash going back in time and causing a time paradox (Flashpoint)?

EDIT: Also, move this to Battles.

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Moe to Battle Forums.

Also I say SPB could win the fight of his life.

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Huzzah the man with no feats vs the reality puncher.

Anyways Gogeta murders, he slapped Omega Shenron and would completely obliterate anyone in DBZ. Frieza was marked as a casual planet buster, I really have no idea how powerful SSJ4 Gogeta is but he's a million times stronger then Frieza (no exaggeration)

And then there's Superboy with his teen titans incident.

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@XImpossibruX: Lowballin' like a boss.

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@XImpossibruX: Superboy Prime: killed Kal L, took hits from Black Adam, defeated Ion, killed more Green Lanterns than Parallax, fought the JSA by himself, and lays the killing blow on the Anti Monitor

Loses to the Teen Titans with his own team......seems legit.

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sbp easily.