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Battle takes place in space.



All the equipment the typical batman carries with him.


Superman & supergirl


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Superbat wins... he would have the Super Bat Factor  !

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Depends, Currently, Superbat doesn't know how to control his powers, so Supes family wins. If learns how to master it, it might be a problem.

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Hmm this seems to be a pretty good fight anyone wanna put there 2 cents in.

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Superbat wins.
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Anyway gotta go with the Bat, unless the kryptonite in his belt messes him up too much.

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It's gonna be a draw. He'll just pull the Kryptonite out and drop everyone, including himself.

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Super-Bat wins.
He learned how to master Kal's abilities in a short amount of time. With some more time, he would most likely use them much more efficiently than Clark, no offense to Superman.
Clark is a 'bash-through-walls-and-take-opponents-head-on' kinda guy. He rarely uses tactics and strategy and just prefers overpowering his opponents.
Bruce is different. I can just imagine him scanning Kara and Clark's physiques for weak points and nerve clusters and use his heat vision to attack those specific points from a distance and combine his powerful Kryptonian abilities with his already impressive fighting-skills to outfight and outsmart them.
I believe it was Cap who said

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Batman doesn't need an upgrade to win

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Superman solos