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Superboy defends his Earth from an invading Super Skrull. It is a random encounter.

Superboy gets no prep and SuperSkrull gets 5 days prep time.

Who wins?



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I hate Superboy, but he stomps Super Skrull any day.

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Superboy would indeed beat Super Skrull
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Tevnoba said:

"I hate Superboy, but he stomps Super Skrull any day."

Yes Superboy is much stronger (via his tactile TK) and is faster in reaction and movement speed.
However his TK shielding is that it is not so effective against fire and heat attacks, which SS can deliver at massively temperatures (likely to be over 50,000 deg C, which is just 1/10th that of the Human Torch). This could prove quite a problem for Superboy and I can't recall for certian, but if Superboy does not have Superhearing or X-ray Vision, he will have have a hard time locating SS who can turn invisible.

Not quite so straight forward a win I think.