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Super skrull can't do the invisible bubble in th body and expand it trick.

I think Super skrull will win if he uses the Fantastic Four powers right.

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I think Super Skrull takes this, but only if he moves quickly.

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Well Blastaar has blasted Sersi into ash before. This should be a good battle.

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I'd place my money on Blastaar.

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Skrull if he plays his cards right so about 6/10 times for Skrull

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If we consider that the Super-Skrull has exactly the powers of the FF (plus his own abilities as a Skrull):

-The invisible fields have never been broken, they can disappear when Sue has lost her concentration, but Super-Skrull durability should be much greater ====> Blaastar should not be able to hurt Super-Skrull

-By contrast S-S could harm Blaastar in different ways. The first one that comes in my mind is what Paibok did at the beginning of annihilation, using his shaft shifting ability (combine with the Thing durability here) to use his arm as a dagger to stab blaastar brain.

For me, S-S takes this in more than 75% of the confrontations.

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Kl'rt should win, but this won't be easy for him. I think Kl'rt is stronger and probably more durable, but Blastaar's energy projection packs more of a punch then Kl'rt's ranged attacks, IMO. Kl'rt takes this 6/10. This would be a great fight.